Gowtham-Sadasivam|கெளதம்-சதாசிவம்I am Gowtham Sadasivam, a web server and security engineer. For more than an year I have been administrating local network systems, web and cloud servers. Administering local development and testing environment to deploying in live web servers could be part of my day.

I am specialized more in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Continuous Integration (CI) tools. My background in information security, helps to give an edge when I deal with patch management and security operations.

As a technology enthusiast I get my hands dirty with most bleeding edge technologies as soon as it hits the internet and share ideas and suggestions with development/testing team, as a part of coding I develop Facebook web/tab applications.

I do dynamic Malware Analysis on demand, have hands on experience of dynamic Malware Analysis using Cuckoo Sand-Box & Windows SysInternal Tool-set. Collecting various malware is one of my favorite hobbies.

Tools I Use

Subversion Edge TortoiseSVN Docker/Vagrant Puppet cPanel/WHMCS Hadoop LAMP VMWare/VirtualBox PuTTY Git PHPStorm/Sublime Text VIM SELinux IPTables Metasploit Framework Nessus Cuckoo SandBox Windows SysInternal Tools IDA Pro ollydbg

Services I Use

Amazon Web ServicesGitHubGoogle for BusinessGoogle Search Engine

My Certifications